How To Remove Games From Steam Library

If you buy or install a free game through Steam that you subsequently want to remove from your list of available game you may discover that the process is far from easy. You would think that Steam would put a simple right-click > remove from list command in there but sadly there is none, or… Read More »

World of Tanks Crashing

There are a number of technical issues which can cause World of Tanks to crash. If the following fixes don’t work it may be a good idea to post your specific problem on the official forums – making sure you give the following info about your PC: CPU Graphic card model (is graphic card drivers… Read More »

Eve Online Graphics Problems

If you are experiencing graphics problems with Eve Online or looking for a way to improve your frames per second (FPS) this is a list of common problems, causes and solutions. It is by no means complete and if you have a problem which cannot be solved here you should submit a Bug report to the… Read More »

Guild Wars 2 Crashing

A CTD (crash to desktop) or the black screen issue are both fairly common problems for Guild Wars 2. Here we will list the common solutions to fix these issues. ATI video card anti-aliasing settings If you have an ATI video card and previously fixed to AA (anti-aliasing) setting in your ATI Catalyst Control Center,… Read More »

Simcity 4 Freezing Fix

This post is dedicated to resolving the freezing problems people have running Simcity 4 on their PCs. Please feel free to comment below to add any new tips or solutions. The chances are it will be due to one of the following issues which you will need to correct: You have an nVidia card with… Read More »