Eve Online Crashes and Freezes

eve_onlineMany people experience stability issues when running Eve Online, such as crashing to desktop (CTD), blue-screens, freezes and lock-ups. The problem is in most cases it is very hard to do diagnose what the causes it. Here we list the most common causes and possible solutions.

Defective hardware

Do you have problems running other games or demanding software? If you can run the most resource hungry games without problems but fail to run Eve Online without problems then probably your hardware is fine. If other game have problems too, your cpu, memory, graphics card, hard drive or motherboard could be faulty.


  • Test you cpu with Prime95. If a problem presents itself you could try under-clocking your cpu, getting a better heatsink and fan (if temperatures are abnormally high), otherwise the only solution is to buy a new one
  • Test you RAM with memtest86. If you get errors remove and replace the defective stick or ram. If you have 2 or more you are going to have to run memtest with each stick plugged in on it’s own to identify the faulty stick.
  • Test you graphics card with 3DMark. Update you drivers to the latest versions by either visiting the manufacturers support page and downloading it directly or using a driver manager. Also install the latest DirectX of you OS if you haven’t done so.
  • Scan you hard drive for bad sectors with Chkdsk (included with windows).
  • Install the latest drivers available for your motherboard by visiting the manufacturers web site or using a driver manager.


Viruses can cause damage to vital system files aswell as interfere with active programs like Eve.

Solution: Update your Anti-Virus software (you do have one installed don’t you) and perform a complete scan of your computer.

Out of date drivers

Most of us only update our drivers when we are force to – it may be one of those occasions.

drivertuneramdnvidiaSolution: Visit the manufactures website for your graphics card and download the latest for your model. Do the same for your sound card (if you have one) and motherboard. Alternatively you can use a driver manager to do them all at once.

If all else fails

Sometimes the problems can be due to software issues.

Solution: Reinstall the Eve Online client or if that doesn’t work re-install Windows itself.

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