Guild Wars 2 Crashing

guildwars2A CTD (crash to desktop) or the black screen issue are both fairly common problems for Guild Wars 2. Here we will list the common solutions to fix these issues.

ATI video card anti-aliasing settings

If you have an ATI video card and previously fixed to AA (anti-aliasing) setting in your ATI Catalyst Control Center, GW2 will not like it!


  1. Go to the your Catalyst Control Center
  2. Change it to advance view if you have not done so already
  3. Click the Gaming tab
  4. Click 3D Applications Settings.
  5. Change the AA setting to : Use application settings
  6. Click Apply

Out of date divers

Always keep you drivers up to date. This includes drivers for your video and sound card as well as other things like your motherboard.

Solution: go to the manufacturers web sites support sections and download the latest ones or use driver update software update them all at once.

Disable in-game settings

Solution: if your pc is a few years old you may find that disabling Character Animation and High res textures in the game settings stops the game from crashing.

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